Meet the Sunfish Smart Buoy

Monitor your euqipment. In real time. At all times.

Keeping track of your assets at sea

Built to last

The Sunfish Smart Buoy will report its precise location at any time.​​​​​​

·  A floating digital device

·  Monitoring your gear

·  Internet connected

·  LTE-M & NB-IoT

·  Charge batteries once per season

·  5 year life expectancy

App connected

The Sunfish is paired with the Digicatch App for mobile devices.

 Locate your gear

 Set a geofence

 Direction of currents 

 Get ocean data

 Monitor your assets

Developed in Norway

Norwegians live by the sea, enjoying the world's second longest coastline. Finding our way and reading the weather is in our blood. 

Rooted in reality

The Sunfish Smart Buoy and the Digicatch technology stems from the mindset of generations of fishermen and navigators.

Where is my equipment?

Powered to last for one full season, the Sunfish Smart Buoy will never stop transmitting. Making use of advanced, durable and easy-to-use IoT technology you will always keep track of your assets. Wherever you left them, wherever they have drifted off to.

The sea is our highway

When conditions are perfect, we don't hesitate to ride the waves. Finding our way in sunny weather is often done by sight alone. This is how we love to think of the sea. As our friend.

However, the weather will change

The sea is not always a predictable ally. Going out in bad weather will sometimes test your seamanship. With the digicatch app tuned in, you can steer head on, secure the catch and return safely. Without losing valuable time.

Someone is still out there

Submitting data to your device, the Sunfish Smart Buoy stays connected to your equipment. Read the precise GPS position, track movement and time, providing an understanding of currents and drift.

Providing a sea of information

Sunfish Smart Buoy communicates through 4G network. Next generation will include Iridium satellite. The buoy will give you:

  • GPS position
  • Map details w/depth
  • Time deployed
  • Current
  • Deviation
    • More to come, like:
    • Temperature
    • Wave height
    • Biomass
    • Salinity
    • Algae

Keep track of your assets

Whether it be lobster traps you deployed last week, a moored boat at your seaside cabin, fish farming pens, offshore equipment, the Digicatch App will maintain a full overview. The use of the Sunfish Smart Buoy knows no boundaries. But you can set your own.

Chartplotter integration

Keep a weather eye on the horizon. Never take your hands off the rudder. The Sunfish Smart Buoy integrates with Olex chartplotters.

 Full overview on one dashboard

 Other deployed gear visible on chart

 Your vessel's relative position to all buoys 

Set a safe perimeter for your gear

Currents may bring your passive fishing gear adrift. Digicatch lets you determine an acceptable perimeter of your own choice, with alerts when the equipment reaches the boundaries of the set geofence.

Reduce the waste

Lost fishing equipment represents a danger to all sea life.

Ghost fishing kills more than 650 000 animals every year. 

20% of all ocean plastic waste comes from fishing gear.

It simply makes sense.

Just think about it for a moment.

A highly versatile tool

Your imagination sets the limit.
Still, we have identified a few core trades at sea. 


The amount of data gathered will - season upon season - comprise a useful database of information. 

  • Reduce trip duration
  • Minimize fuel consumption
  • Increased profitability
  • Reduce ghost fishing
  • More to come...


Harvesting the sea demands equipment control.

The Sunfish Smart Buoy technology will
include built-in sensors that will deliver data
on a wide range.

Harvesting knowledge

Even with a limited network of buoys, all reported data will fuel advanced Ocean Data Analytics. Our software is already in place. The IoT of the seas represents a new frontier of scientific research. 

Not only will we be harvesting the sea more gently. We will be harvesting vast amounts of data, helpful in our pursuit of a healthy ocean.

Durability in a rough environment

Our Sunfish product range has been subjected to heavy conditions, pressure, depth and drop testing. The buoy keeps transmitting. It's what you need. A durable partner you can trust.  

Sunfish Smart Buoy

Connect to any fishing gear. LTE-M & NB-IoT

Sunfish Pro Smart Buoy

Water tight down to 180 meters. LTE-M & NB-IoT

Digicatch Software

Overview & reports. Mobile and desktop.

Innomar Fishing Traps

Available in various sizes. Use with Sunfish buoys.

Charging the next wave.

Innomar Ocean Technology is devoted to developing solutions that will serve the coming generations.